Volume 95, Issue 74

Wednesday, February 13, 2002
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Now paging Mr. Dewey Decimal

University Students' Corporation?

Now paging Mr. Dewey Decimal

Re: "Library fines are like nosebleeds," Jan. 16

To the Editor:

Why is it that faculty members may sign books out of the Western libraries for an entire academic term, but undergraduate students can only sign books out for two weeks?

As a third-year English student who has hundreds of pages of course readings every week and a lot of research to do, I find I must agree with Sarah Lasch's article about the Western Libraries' new Access Code.

The borrowing privileges given to Western undergraduates are now the same as those given to staff, alumni and students from other universities.

Chief Librarian Joyce Garnett is quoted as saying, "people were keeping books for a long time. We needed a better deterrent for people keeping overdue books."

If the main concern of the Western libraries was to encourage students to return their library materials on time, this could have been accomplished simply by introducing fines.

There was no need to shorten the loan period for undergraduate students. Maybe students were keeping books for a long time because they needed them for a long time. By shortening the loan period, the Western Libraries have made it harder than ever to stay caught up with course work and research.

Fourteen days is simply not enough time to complete any in-depth reading and analysis of library texts for the average Western undergraduate who already has a heavy workload.

Aimée Couture

English III

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