Volume 95, Issue 74
Wednesday, February 13, 2002
The Flaherty Fan Club

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Huge tuition hike proposed by UWO
International kids hardest hit

Western administration is hoping to dig deeper into the pockets of students, explains a new report, with international and honors business administration students taking the biggest hits.

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Engineering-gate? Money missing

Police are investigating three separate thefts totaling a "significant amount" of money from the office of the Undergraduate Engineering Society.

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No more NDP - no more low tuition in B.C.

In yesterday's speech to the throne, British Columbia's Liberal government announced plans to end a six-year, provincewide tuition freeze.

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Another day, another forum for Prez wannabes

Trying to understand how presidential hopefuls might work with Western's academic councils, faculty representatives attended yesterday's University Students' Council presidential forum armed with a bevy of questions.

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©Niru Somayajula/Gazette
UNLIKE MOST SUPERHEROES, ENGINEERING MAN DOESN'T HAVE A COOL HIDEOUT LIKE A FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE OR BAT CAVE. INSTEAD, HE RETIRES TO HIS 'NERD LAIR.' Masters candidate in electrical engineering Ervin Sejdic did whatever the hell it is engineers so on Tuesday..


Winnipeg's Weakerthans wanna be your Valentine

John K. Samson's world is a web of connections.

His choice of record label reflects his personal politics, which becomes quite clear after listening to the dense poetry of his lyrics based on – or perhaps reflective of – a lifetime spent living in the isolated chill of Winnipeg.

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Purple people eaters keep rolling along

Anyone who spent last weekend in Waterloo may have noticed patches of black and yellow splattered around town, following a visit from Western's powerful purple zamboni.

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