Volume 95, Issue 74

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

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News Briefs

Huge tuition hike proposed by UWO

International kids hardest hit

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

Western administration is hoping to dig deeper into the pockets of students, explains a new report, with international and honors business administration students taking the biggest hits.

According to the preliminary budget proposal, authored by VP-academic Greg Moran and to be presented to Senate for approval on Friday, tuition increases in nearly every program at Western are possibilities for next year.

International students in most undergraduate programs could pay 18.3 per cent more. Specifically, those in engineering and nursing could see a 12.9 per cent increase.

"These increases will leave Western's international student tuition fees at levels competitive with other Ontario universities," the report states.

Most Canadian undergraduate students can expect an increase of 1.6 per cent in overall tuition fees, as ordered by the provincial government. The only exception is engineers, who would see their tuition rise five per cent.

Third-year HBA students would now have to pay $16,000 up from $14,000 while fourth-year HBAs would have to pay 15,000 $5,000 more than the class of 2002.

"The most recent starting salary of Ivey HBA graduates is over $56,000," the report states. "Given the expected earnings of graduates and available financial aid for students in need, access to the HBA can be maintained for all students regardless of individual financial circumstances."

Tuition at Western's dental school would not increase, while the majority of graduate programs face a tuition increase of 1.8 per cent.

HBA Students' Council president Jason Thacker said he was somewhat pleased to see only a moderate rise in Ivey undergraduate tuition, as opposed to last year's hike when tuition jumped to $14,000 from $9,000 for those entering the program.

Thacker said he wants to develop a five-year plan with Ivey administration that would outline expected tuition increases.

"We've got to give people the opportunity to plan," Thacker said.

Neither VP-academic Greg Moran nor Ivey dean Lawrence Tapp could be reached for comment.

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