Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002

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Part I: Enter the BDM

Part II: Spoons and addicts

Part III: Meet Tonya Harding

Part IV: Shootin' some stick

Part V: Kat loves strippers

Part VI: Cupid misses the mark

The Blind Date Mobile Statistics

Part II: Spoons and addicts

Next stop for the infamous BDM a romantic dinner for two (plus a few nosy reporters) at Nove Nove at 99 King St.

This cozy yet classy restaurant seemed to be the perfect setting for Eric and Katherine to get to know each other.

The entire meal was filled with laughter and chatter and possibly a little flirting. Whether it was the chocolates or just the romantic atmosphere that comes with being driven around in the BDM, Katherine and Eric managed to enjoy dinner, even with the camera flashing in their eyes every once in a while.

The couple talked about everything from their hometowns to their future plans and even their worst dates. There was some serious eye contact going on throughout the meal, as well as a lot of laughter.

However, in a sad turn of events, it was revealed after the meal that no sex-related topics were ever discussed (both candidates were immediately docked five points).

After dinner, the two were individually grilled by the love-starved Gazette vultures. Eric had only positive things to say about his date. "It's going really well. When I saw her, I thought she was cute."

"Dinner was good, there were no pauses," Eric said. "She's very open. I thought she'd be nervous, but she really opened up to me."

Eric was happy with The Gazette and our choice of his date, which gave him five more points in the love bank. He said Katherine seemed like the kind of girl he might have gone out with had he met her elsewhere. "She actually found the stuff I said to be funny."

"Worst date stories" had been the most entertaining topic of the evening. "She went out with some guy who was a big drug addict and I went on a date where I poked myself in the eye with a spoon." (insert your own spoon joke here Eric will understand)

Why the chocolates? "Well, I was planning to bake cookies, but I didn't know if she was allergic to anything," he said.

How utterly romantic we gave Eric 10 points.

Katherine seemed particularly skeptical of the media, clearly showing her cunning intelligence. "What exactly is going to be published?"

Good question, Katherine. We gave her 10 points for recognizing us as the weasels and dirtbags we are, yet felt little shame.

Maintaining a neutral perspective, Katherine described Eric in two words nice and polite. "He doesn't seem like the typical frat guy." (five automatic points for Eric).

Eric said Katherine's sarcasm kept him on his toes. "She has her own opinions, which I find very interesting."

She commented on the enjoyable dinner they shared and the flowing conversation which had ensued. "He is really nervous about skating. I used to figure skate."

After our staff skipped out on the bills, it was back into the BDM and onto Victoria Park for skating. Luckily, Eric made it through dinner and dessert without another spoon incident.

Somewhere in the vast night, The Gazette's lawyers were counting their blessings.

Gazette Love Scorecard:

Eric 20, Katherine 15

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