Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002

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Part I: Enter the BDM

Part II: Spoons and addicts

Part III: Meet Tonya Harding

Part IV: Shootin' some stick

Part V: Kat loves strippers

Part VI: Cupid misses the mark

The Blind Date Mobile Statistics

Part III: Meet Tonya Harding

The next stop for the happy couple was Victoria Park for a little romantic ice skating. Katherine and Eric spent half an hour weaving among old people and scampering, whiny children.

Eric, more than a little nervous about embarrassing himself on the ice, said he took hold of his fear and went out to the park to practice his triple axel the night before the date. This garnered him five points on our scoreboard.

"I haven't skated in 12 years, so I didn't want to come in here blind," he said.

Despite some romantic tunes playing softly in the background, there were no stolen romantic moments, no hand holding and, thankfully (depending in your perspective), no falling. The couple seemed friendly, but more than a little hesitant.

The icy-cold weather finally forced the pair off the ice. No amount of loving could bring back the feeling in their feet.

When the couple had taken off their skates, Katherine joked with The Gazette staff about the entertainment value of tripping little kids as they sped by her on the ice.

Nice Katherine we gave her 10 points for sarcasm and five points for feigned cruelty. Despite the fact we were just making up the rules as we went along, she was now beating Eric in our twisted game of love.

Gazette Love Scorecard:

Eric 25, Katherine 30

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