Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002

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Part I: Enter the BDM

Part II: Spoons and addicts

Part III: Meet Tonya Harding

Part IV: Shootin' some stick

Part V: Kat loves strippers

Part VI: Cupid misses the mark

The Blind Date Mobile Statistics

Part IV: Shootin' some stick

To inspire a little competition in our couple, we headed off to the Bacchus Lounge so the happy duo could shoot some pool. After Katherine won two successful games, we decided to end Eric's pain and separate them for our own little Spanish Inquisition (minus the violence and bloodshed).


Contestants got one point for each correct answer

1. What is her/his eye colour?
E: green (wrong – they're blue)
K: dark eyes (good enough)

2. If you had to compare them to a celebrity, who would it be?
E: Drew Barrymore because she seems really happy-go-lucky
K: I'm not good with these celebrity questions
(sorry Eric – no Hollywood for you, buddy)

3. Name three things they like, besides academics.
E: reading, the outdoors, going to the gym (nice)
K: fraternity, going to the movies, hanging out with friends (nice)

4. If you had to compare them to an animal, what would it be?
E: a cat, because they're nice and cuddly (slick)
K: (under intense pressure) a zebra

5. Memory skills:

Academic program?
E: history, K: business
(Eric correct, Katherine wrong)

Number of siblings?
E: an older brother, K: a sister
(both correct)

Home town?
E: Dorchester, K: Missisauga
 (both correct)

Last name?
E: not sure, K: drew a blank
(both answers sucked)

7. Has there been any sexual conversation or flirtation yet?
E: There has been a lot of eye contact and laughing
K: Not really–we were laughing at our pool playing abilities (ouch)

8. What is one funny or entertaining story they've told?
E: a story about a bad previous date with a drug addict
K: when he jammed a spoon in his eye (cue laughter)

9. Do you think there will be a good night kiss?
E: I don't think so – I'm not against it, but I'm being realistic
(stupid reality – The Gazette hates you)
K: no comment
(we may have forgotten to ask the question)

10.Rating of date companion on a scale of 1 to 10?
E: 8
K: 7.5

11. The Gazette's own rating of its Blind Date staff?
G: 9.5 (we're hot, but we're not perfection)

Gazette Love Scorecard
based upon absolutely nothing of substance:

Eric 34, Katherine 37

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