Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002

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Part I: Enter the BDM

Part II: Spoons and addicts

Part III: Meet Tonya Harding

Part IV: Shootin' some stick

Part V: Kat loves strippers

Part VI: Cupid misses the mark

The Blind Date Mobile Statistics

Part VI: Cupid misses the mark

The clock was already half past 12 and The Gazette team was highly concerned the enchanted BDM would soon turn back into a pumpkin. It was time for the evening –and another year of Gazette-inspired romance – to come to an end.

"It'll be weird not having an entourage," Katherine said as the couple made their last journey towards the magical automobile of love.

As the car made its way to Katherine's apartment, the couple managed some small talk in front of The Gazette staff, but it remained unclear whether the evening had blossomed into true romance.

Ever the gentleman, Eric walked Katherine into the lobby of the apartment and the couple exchanged a friendly hug goodbye. Being forced to live vicariously through the happiness of others, The Gazette entourage was collectively let down at the lack of a goodnight kiss.

Cupid himself would have been in tears.

Pulling the final card out of his deck o' love, Eric produced a rose from his jacket and handed it to Katherine (10 points). The two-shared a smile, said their final farewells and the dashing young Romeo returned to the car.

When asked about the gift of chocolate at the beginning of the date and closing with the rose, Eric said it was his romantic nature shining through.

"It's how I do things," he said. "I wanted her to remember the night for more than just the newspaper [story] itself. If it hadn't been a good night, I wouldn't have given [the rose] to her. But, it went well, so why not."

"I'm glad I went," he added. "It's something I'll remember for a while."

Eric revealed he had left his phone number on a card he had attached to the rose, noting she had also given him her number.

Katherine later revealed to The Gazette there was more than just a number on the card. "[It said something like] 'I had a great time tonight, do you want to go out again?'"

"He had to plan writing that at home," she noted. "[I was thinking] this is apparently a really big deal for [him] – so fair enough."

Eric said he had taken a fairly cautious approach to the date that night.

"I've had experiences in the past where I've taken more chances," he said later. "I didn't want to ruin anything."

Eric had a positive outlook on how the evening transpired. He said the best part of the night was the flowing dinner conversation, but noted it was unfortunate he lost his voice during skating. "It was hard to keep the volume up."

He said he could see the two of them going out again for a more relaxed evening than the one provided under the watchful eyes of The Gazette staff.

Katherine was not as inclined to the idea of a second date with Eric, despite his attempts at Casanova-like charm. "He's a really nice guy," she said. "[But] I like them a little more crazy."

In a post-date interview, Katherine revealed that Eric had called her Sunday night, but added she had not been home to receive his call.

She said the date was a good experience on the whole. "It wasn't the best date ever, but I wasn't set-up with a total jackass. He was a really nice guy – just not my type." (Katherine gained 2 more points for the use of the word jackass)

Final Gazette Love Scorecard:

Eric 44, Katherine 54

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