Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002

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Profile: Chris Sinal

Profile: Chris Sinal

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

Getting students involved at Western is a key part of Chris Sinal's campaign for University Students' Council president.

Sinal said he is not simply referring to students' councils, but all forms of involvement, including clubs, choirs and student media.

While some people attend Western just to get a job, getting involved means they will walk out into the world with additional skills, he said. "Be active, so you don't just walk out with a tool kit you walk out of here with a garden shed," he said.


The USC can take a leadership role by encouraging students who want to be involved to come to Western, Sinal said.

Getting councillors out on the high school circuit will make Western known as a place for leadership and student involvement, he said.

When it comes to being involved as a soph, Sinal said he is concerned soph costs may prevent individuals from being involved. "Soph fees need to be brought under control," he said.

Campus safety is another important aspect of Sinal's bid for the presidency. He said he is interested in earmarking funds and obtaining government grants for a safety audit.

Sinal has been involved in many different levels of student government while at Western. He has been involved with the USC during all four years of his time at university and held the position of VP-student affairs last year.

He has spent three years working with administration on Senate and said he also has experience helping students understand how council operates as part of the USC's Orientation info team.

"Those three aspects coming together make for a really strong candidate," he said. "Having been in this organization, you can really see how things are done and how things could be done."

Sinal said he is the type of person who has a vision, but is approachable and wants to hear other ideas. "I like to work with people to see how it should be done I'm a people person," he said.

"I'm not a shy guy that means I enjoy sitting down and hearing what people have going on."

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