Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002
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Re: "Girls at Western exercise for the wrong reasons?," Feb. 6

To the Editor:

As a regular at the gym, I couldn't agree more with this letter in regards to clothing worn at the gym. If you wear it to a club, it is not gym attire.

People seem to believe the gym is for exercising their dating life, rather than their health. In addition to people who wear bar clothes in the weight room, there are many other situations that bother us regulars.

It is called a bench so you can sit or lie on it to perform an exercise. It is not called a bench so you can sit for a half-hour talking with your friends.

As well, when we are in the middle of our routine and ask you to work out with us, either accept or decline and walk away. Please don't decline and then stand two inches away staring at us with that 'are you almost done' look.

You were all taught in kindergarten to place things back where they belong, this applies to weights as well. Once done with the plates, put them back on their racks rather than leaving them on the bar and walking away.

The next person to use the bench is not your mother and therefore is certainly not interested in picking up after you. Be sure also to wipe down the bench when you leave. Your sweat isn't exactly body lotion.

While it is helpful to spot someone, it is not necessary to scream at them so individuals on the opposite side of the gym know how many reps that person has left.

Please be considerate to other weight room users. If you're not there to exercise and follow common courtesy, then leave the place to others who will.

Eric Knight

Kinesiology IV

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