Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002
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Today's forecast calls for naked running girls

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Today's forecast calls for naked running girls

To the Editor:

I just sat through a two hour lecture addressing the history of books.

Not the history of literature and not the significance of the history of books in our society. I learned about the history of books as a commodity in Chapters bookstores.

To make the situation worse, at the end of class I received a grade on a group presentation. I didn't do very well – the seminar was 'informative and well-researched, but their was an apparent lack of group collaboration.'

Let's stand back and look at this entire situation.

First, I wasted two hours of my life this morning listening to the gentle trickle of four thousand dollars being flushed down the drain.

My visions of high culture and education have been squashed by my inability to co-operate during arts and crafts period. Please, whatever you do, don't send me to the principal's office.

After wasting uncountable hours on a presentation in which I learned nothing and sitting through two hours of a step-by-step Dr. Suess lecture, I feel compelled to do something drastic.

I need to salvage the juices of my vitality that are being sucked dry by this mindless curriculum.

So, if you're on campus today and you see a girl running through the snow naked, screaming Ani DiFranco lyrics at the top of her lungs, don't mind her – she's just trying to bank up on happiness and beauty in life so she can walk into her next lecture and still feel alive.

Trish Feehely

Media, Information and Technoculture/

Comparative Literature and Civilizations II

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