Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002
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Tonnes of heart

Cute dogma!

What's a USC without a council?

Tonnes of heart

Re: "Women get cold treatment on ice," Feb. 5

To the Editor:

As trainer for the Varsity Women's Hockey Team, I attend every practice and game and see how hard these 20 young women work and how dedicated they are to representing their school and their sport.

It offends me greatly that The Gazette cannot see the heart and effort this brand new varsity team is showing. They may not have the best record this year, but it far outweighs the support they get from their peers and school.

Perhaps if The Gazette and the school were to pay more attention and if this team had more financial support they would be able to live up to Western's standards and expectations.

In regards to the article and picture, perhaps The Gazette would like to make sure that all of their facts are correct. The caption under the picture states that it is a University of Toronto player even though everybody can see the Queen's jersey!

So, show your support to an up-and-coming team – they deserve it! And who knows, you might even be surprised.

Jennifer de Melo

Athletic Trainer

Cute dogma!

Re: "Golly gee Dr. Mike, thanks for everything," Feb. 7

To the Editor:

I was entertained by Brad Kelly's letter on Thursday, but also mystified. First of all, what is this common cause we are uniting for?

'Correcting' religious ideologies that don't mesh well with bourgeois market dogma? Ending all small-scale agriculture using methods reminiscent of the Highland Clearances?

Such violent acts are necessary in order keep world markets expanding and maintain low commodities prices. Economists just explain these processes without reference to power.

Next, if U.S. foreign policy makers could grasp Kohlberg's first level of moral reasoning, I would be impressed. 'Might is right' doesn't even register.

The comparison of U.S. foreign policies to those of undemocratic regimes is unfair, but let's try. Under Stalin, the Soviets thrived on intimidation and violence. They also spent a great deal of money holding up puppet governments to maintain their influence.

The U.S., in contrast, has made billionaires of numerous kings and dictators in exchange for access to cheap commodities and the privatization of utilities. Popular struggles against these policies are infrequent, since the U.S. insures stability by providing paramilitary training to domestic thugs.

Failing all that, national leaders who want to nationalize utilities or resource industries are labeled 'enemies of freedom' or 'a threat to U.S. national security' – even elected leaders with armies inferior to Napoleon's.

As for the Taliban, they only gained power because the Jimmy Carter administration handed over cash to any fundamentalist nut-job who would fight the Soviets, including Osama bin Laden.

Why wouldn't the Taliban provide refuge for al-Qaida fighters and others who liberated their nation from the Soviets? Think about it. I'm reminded of U.S. condemnation of Pinochet's human rights abuses.

I guess his crimes were less evil than Allende's plan to nationalize telecommunications.

Elgin Bunston

M.A. Candidate Library and Information Sciences

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