Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002

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Part I: Enter the BDM

Part II: Spoons and addicts

Part III: Meet Tonya Harding

Part IV: Shootin' some stick

Part V: Kat loves strippers

Part VI: Cupid misses the mark

The Blind Date Mobile Statistics

The Gazette's BLIND DATE II:

One man, one woman and their chariot of passion

Part I: Enter the BDM

The interviews were over. The candidates had been chosen. They'd signed a release which gave The Gazette their souls (as well as negated any legal liability the newspaper might have for what would soon befall them).

They had a few days to be hassled by their friends now it was show time.

Cue the music, call in Cupid it was time to make some magic.

Last Saturday night, The Gazette team took the pencils out from behind our collective ears, put on some clean clothes and went to pick up our lucky participants.

As the Blind Date Mobile (to be known henceforth as BDM) pulled around the corner, its plastic flowers glinting in the setting sun and the fake doves attached to the roof rack flapping in the breeze, it was clear the BDM was on a mission tonight it would help two total strangers find love, preferably before the 1986 Mercury Sable wagon's engine would die trying.

Eric Meliton, a third-year chemistry student, said he had always wanted to go on a blind date. "I just wanted to be able to say I'd tried it," he said.

Katherine Molineux, a second-year history student, seemed a little less enthusiastic about the coming night of swanky, Gazette-induced romance.

As the baby blue station wagon pulled up to his fraternity house, Eric was fending off harassment from his frat brothers.

In his hand, he held a small purple box filled with chocolate, obviously hoping to make a good first impression on his date. His box of chocolates would earn him five points, as our staff began to keep a personal scorecard of love. We had no real point system to speak of, but we had to keep ourselves entertained somehow.

He eagerly posed for the camera beside the glory that was the BDM, while his frat brothers took pictures of their own likely to use as blackmail at a later date.

Next, the BDM pulled up to Katherine's apartment building and Eric confidently stepped up to the plate. She came down to the lobby and we witnessed the anticipated gift offering. They shared a nice introductory handshake and proceeded to the car it was obvious our man was going to need more than chocolate to woo this she-cat.

One thing was clear for our participants it wasn't everyday they got to ride in a car that oozed with so much class. "It's exactly what I was hoping would pick me up," Katherine said. At this point, we weren't sure if Ms. Molineux was sarcastic or somewhat crazy, but she was quickly on the scorecard with 10 points.

On the way to dinner, our token couple kept up quite a conversation, not finding it too difficult to talk with three front seat observers. Love was in the air and our staff was desperate for liquor, so we quickly proceeded to the restaurant.

Gazette Love Scorecard:

Eric 5, Katherine 10

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