Volume 95, Issue 75
Thursday, February 14, 2002
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Prez candidates interrogated

At yesterday's media forum for the University Students' Council presidential candidates, campus media and the student body got a chance to put the presidential hopefuls under the microscope in the University Community Centre atrium.

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B.C. kiddies not in love with Gordie C.

Students in British Columbia completed their second day of protesting at Premier Gordon Campbell's office yesterday in response to the government's decision to completely deregulate tuition in the province.

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"Mom must be proud"

A carnival atmosphere prevailed at Wednesday's University Students' Council presidential forum at Brescia College – audience members got to know candidates a little too personally.

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London's pain drain

There's a new medical face at Western to help the London community deal with chronic pain.

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©Matt Prince/Gazette
ALL CANDIDATES GOT A CHANCE TO USE THE KARAOKE MACHINE AT YESTERDAY'S FORUM. University Students' Council presidential candidates tried charming the press at Wednesday's media forum in the University Community Centre.


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'Big Daddy' and the silent assassin fuel the Mustang basketball stampede

Chris Brown and Chedo Ndur, starting centre and forward respectively of the Western Mustangs men's basketball team, can be described as pillars – the foundation supporting one of the strongest hoops programs in Canada.

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