Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002

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Prez candidates interrogated

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Prez candidates interrogated

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

At yesterday's media forum for the University Students' Council presidential candidates, campus media and the student body got a chance to put the presidential hopefuls under the microscope in the University Community Centre atrium.

The following is a mere sampling of the proceedings...

Melissa Groendyk

Q: In The Gazette's presidential quiz you referred to London's deputy mayor as "Anne Marie DeCicco's bitch" and said in reference to Western administration, "No one dislikes them enough to know their names ie. they haven't stopped any fun cool parties this year."

How can we trust that you will show these officials the proper respect in meetings next year, if you can't show them the proper respect now in print?

A: "It was my understanding that The Gazette quiz was done in fun, done in jest. The term "someone's bitch" has been used as a jovial term I'm sorry if I have offended anyone. I treat everyone I meet with respect when I meet them. Respect is something that has to be earned, but I do go into an experience holding the utmost respect for most people."

Mike Liebrock

Q: How do you foresee making vice-presidential elections open (versus an internal process) when the USC already turned down such a motion less than a year ago?

A: "Basically, it's one of my election platforms and, should I be elected, it'll be in my mandate to assure that that happens. Students will vote for me for that exact reason. So council, being representative of the students who are not elected on a mandate similar to this, the onus would be on council to support me in that venture."

Marc Raymond

Q: How do you respond to allegations that three years ago, while in residence at Medway-Sydenham, you became intoxicated and yelled and cursed at visiting parents and high school students?

A: "Actually, I wasn't cursing at them I had a plastic glove on my head, a balloon on my wrist, a Med/Syd alcoholic shirt on and I was leading tours and the parents were coming up to me and thanking me to see that they still had people like me running around the university. I deny nothing."

Kevin Shipley

Q: When running for a position, do you think it would be important to meet with the person who is currently holding that position. And if so, why have you not yet sat down with current USC president Mike Lawless?

A: "Well, due to the loaded second half of that question, I will say that when running for a position it is not necessary to have prior met with the person currently holding that position. I have talked to Mike previously not since the campaign has started. You are correct about that."

Chris Sinal

Q: Many USC councillors considered you to be a lacklustre vice-president with poor financial management and organizational skills. Various sophs have also noted your poor organizational skills as USC head soph. How can we entrust you with an even greater responsibility given this track record?

A: "I would debate both quite strenuously I think I was quite a good vice-president. When it comes to financial management, we had a major cash shortfall with Operation: Massive, however if you look at the rest of the VP-SA budget lines, they actually came in under budget, which I was quite proud of."

Dan Tolhurst

Q: Why do you think Western is lacking in community spirit?

A: "People are interested in themselves. It's human nature to be concerned about yourself first and other people second that's it."

Kyle Winston

Q: Name the committees under the president's portfolio without looking at your notes.

A: "There is the mutual... mutual life... to be honest it's impossible to be well-versed in every subject of the portfolio when it's not in front of me."

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