Volume 95, Issue 75

Thursday, February 14, 2002
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Prez candidates interrogated

B.C. kiddies not in love with Gordie C.

"Mom must be proud"

London's pain drain

Disguised as Tory, Gazette editor infiltrates debate

Profile: Chris Sinal

"Mom must be proud"

By Chris Lackner and Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

A carnival atmosphere prevailed at Wednesday's University Students' Council presidential forum at Brescia College – audience members got to know candidates a little too personally.

When asked if they had any special freaky human tricks, the candidates' bizarre sides began to show.

"I used to have a dog and do this trick where I'd stick his whole head in my mouth," said Kyle Winston, a third-year political science student.

"I have a really big tongue," fifth-year media, information,and technoculture student Marc Raymond. "I don't want to do it here, unless there's any willing lone female participants – 57 minutes."

Other tricks included a moose call from Winston, a belly-dance shuffle from third-year history student Chris Sinal and a stomach contorting display from Mike Liebrock, a third-year political science student.

The affiliate audience also questioned the presidential hopefuls on their plans for Valentine's Day.

Raymond said he would be out celebrating with the Water Buffaloes and his single friends at GT's.

Winston said he would spend Valentine's Day feeling sorry for himself, or joining Raymond at GT's, adding he was dumped by his long-term girlfriend recently. "She wasn't interested in a serious relationship."

"I'm going to sit at a table in the [University Community Centre] atrium and hand out valentines to show how much I care because that's what Valentine's Day is all about," said third-year science student Melissa Groendyk. "I have no special guy or no special occasion, but I know my dad loves me."

Liebrock said he will send flowers to his mom and, while Sinal is sending his long-distance girlfriend flowers and plans to have dinner with her this weekend.

"I'm kind of working on a little something for a certain lady," said Kevin Shipley, a third-year mechanical engineering student, not wanting to reveal any details.

When addressing the USC president's role in motivating off-campus students, Dan Tolhurst, a first-year honours and business administration student talked about his ability to have fun. "You can talk to the first-year students on my floor [in residence]. Sometimes they can be more mature than I am."

"I can relate to first-year students, I am one – twice now," Raymond said. "Mom must be proud."

When the circus was over and the candidates had finished stuffing their faces with the free food provided by Brescia, presidential hopeful Winston reflected on the night.

"After this forum, you have learnt I love my mom and I can put my dog's head in my mouth," he said.

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