Volume 95, Issue 76
Friday, February 15 , 2002
Beat the Swedes

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UCC may lose pharmacy
USC, drug store differ on state of negotiations

The Western On Campus Pharmacy, located in the basement of the University Community Centre, may leave campus if its management is unable to come to terms on a new lease with the University Students' Council.

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Sixty-second doses of political persuasion

If you had one minute to present yourself to your fellow Western students, how would you want them to see you?

As the presidential candidates enter their final campaign lap, their commercials, produced and aired in the University Community Centre with the help of TV Western, give minute-long impressions of each.

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Political bullshit.com

Surfin' the web may no longer be the cool new thing to do, but it's become standard practice for presidential candidates running in the University Students' Council elections to create a website.

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Report proves teen drug use on the rise

Statistics recently released by the Ontario University Application Centre shows applications to Western have shot up dramatically this year.

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©Nicole D'Cruz/Gazette
NOTHING SAYS "WEDDING" LIKE A VAGINA CAKE. Third-year MIT student Natalie Baack displays a vagina cake in the UCC atrium Thursday. The goal? Make people comfortable with the word "vagina." Let's try it - vagina, vagina, vagina, yep it worked.


"Authentic" restaurant feels cheap and fake

If the sign and menu for a restaurant both allude to "Authentic Mexican Cuisine," the least one might expect is an authentic Mexican meal.

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