Volume 95, Issue 76

Friday, February 15, 2002

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"Authentic" restaurant feels cheap and fake

Western gets ready for Purple Shorts

Like a rocket in your Pocket, these Dwellers bring the funk

Vagina opens up to the Western audience

Disc of the Week

Space rock takes flight in London

Rollerball = worst movie ever

Shits and Giggles


Kit, the sole S&G fan – Thanks dude, it's good to know that people – er, at least one person – actually reads "Shits and Giggles."

Felicity – Okay, so it's not as realistic as My So-Called Life and the whole Ben or Noel storyline is getting tired, but there's something about this show that still entertains me. Keri Russell – the most underrated ex-Mickey Mouse Club member.

Chinese New Year – Who said there was no such thing as free money?


Ass Kissers – I'm sick of people trying to subtly campaign for some position or another. I don't think I can see another phony smile or hear a fake laugh without asking who are you and at what point did you decide to be my best friend?

Socks – All my good socks keep disappearing and I need more. Donations can be sent to UCC Rm. 263 Attn: Andrea Chiu.

Drama – Let's all listen to Mary J. Please, "No more..."

–Andrea Chiu

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