Volume 95, Issue 76

Friday, February 15, 2002

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Sixty-second doses of political persuasion

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

If you had one minute to present yourself to your fellow Western students, how would you want them to see you?

As the presidential candidates enter their final campaign lap, their commercials, produced and aired in the University Community Centre with the help of TV Western, give minute-long impressions of each.

Melissa Groendyk If students weren't already sick to death of the American-style patriotism of the "I Am Canadian" beer commercials, Groendyk presents her similarly-themed Western version while wearing a 'swacket' and avoiding her platform completely.

Mike Liebrock With all his hand-shaking and slick campaign logo, Liebrock might as well be running for MPP, not USC. The 'bo diddly' country tune is a personal touch nice to see the real Liebrock a self-described "hick" shine through.

Marc Raymond A calm, very dull Raymond stands in front of the USC office, yacking about reconnecting with students all the while distancing them with his complete lack of creativity. What, no tongue? No riding lawnmower? Yawn.

Kevin Shipley Shipley's commercial flogs students over the head with the whole Superman theme. Yes, Shipley is super, we get it though the commercial never says exactly why. Sadly, doing the funky chicken dance on the concrete beach does not make one a hero.

Chris Sinal It begins with a sentimental look at Sinal's four years of involvement, set to ambient music. Then wacky Sinal takes over and splices in part of a completely unrelated G.I. Joe episode. His platform points scroll across the bottom of the screen, but are completely unreadable.

Dan Tolhurst The Coca-Cola copyright infringement continues. You'd think Tolhurst really enjoys such a soft drink, but his brief, uninspired speaking in this commercial reveals he could use a caffeine jolt. He lets his video montage of cheering sophs speak for him.

Kyle Winston It is clear that in Winston's fantasy land, the USC president bears a striking resemblance to Hugh Hefner, replete with a robe, pipe and martini glass. The question is would Winston be able to retain this lifestyle while making a presidential salary that falls into the lowest income bracket?

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