Volume 95, Issue 76

Friday, February 15, 2002

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Political bullshit.com

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

Surfin' the web may no longer be the cool new thing to do, but it's become standard practice for presidential candidates running in the University Students' Council elections to create a website.

All of the candidates were provided with room on the main USC elections page for a picture and brief statement describing why they decided to run for president. Most of the candidates also provided a link to an external site.

Kyle Winston Does not have his own website.

Dan Tolhurst Tolhurst's website rips off the aesthetics of the Coca-Cola corporation. He provides surface detail for a long list of platform ideas, a bio in the form of a list of personal stats (his favourite colour is baby blue) and downloads of his campaign posters. His site is basic and easy to read though Pepsi fans may be annoyed.

Chris Sinal A flashy intro leads into a very professional-looking site the 'Sinal seal' background is particularly nice. Sinal offers up a succinct bio and extensive list of experience, as well as a detailed platform.

Kevin Shipley The intro to the site is impressive unfortunately, the rest of the site doesn't look nearly as good. His site is simple and bright the blue, red and yellow Superman colours prevail. Shipley provides a detailed platform, though little else.

Marc Raymond Does not have his own website.

Mike Liebrock The opening page, one of Liebrock's slick campaign posters, presented on a purple background, sets the tone. Clean and professional looking, his website retains the perfect young Tory tone throughout. His bio is "coming soon" hopefully in the next few days.

Melissa Groendyk Her opening page features a modified war propaganda poster though it's not clear how this connects to her campaign. The rest of her site features personal info, a photo gallery of family and friends, a platform that lacks detail and an unfinished event list.

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