Volume 95, Issue 76

Friday, February 15, 2002
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Profile: Dan Tolhurst

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

University Students' Council presidential candidate Dan Tolhurst says he's not about political fluff – he's "the real thing."

"I want to reach out and possibly effect as many Western students as we can," Tolhurst said, adding he does not want to reinvent the USC wheel, but instead make changes that will affect the lives of everyday students.

The first-year honours business administration student is currently a Saugeen-Maitland Hall soph and speaker of the SMH Residents' Council. He has also held previous positions as floor representative and formal commissioner at the residence.

If president, Tolhurst said he would like to implement a Course Resource Book, featuring course evaluations from student perspectives, available online and in a CD-ROM format. "They would be constructive, yet honest opinions about courses," Tolhurst said.

As well, he would like to work towards providing bus passes to part-time students and increasing accessibility to buildings on campus for students with physical disabilities.

"As students, we should strive to have a fully accessible campus – we should make a commitment to build that road brick-by-brick," he said.

Tolhurst said he would like to use Western Alumni Relations to create semi-regular positions and summer internships for Western students. He would also like to reform the OSAP pick-up system and see the USC take a hard-line stance against the deregulation of tuition fees.

"My experience at Western as a student, as a resident in Saugeen and at Ivey has allowed me to see multiple sides and persons of Western," Tolhurst said.

Tolhurst said leadership comes from the ability to see an issue from multiple perspectives.

"I'm able to make decisions when I have to," Tolhurst said, adding he is a good listener.

"The USC has to take a solid direction in helping as many students as it can – that's my goal as president," he said.

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