Volume 95, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 19, 2002
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By Emmett Macfarlane
Gazette Staff

The haze has lifted from two campus restaurants, as the Middlesex-London Health Unit began enforcement of London's bylaw banning smoking at restaurants yesterday.

The Spoke and The Wave, located in the University Community Centre and owned by the University Students' Council, went smoke-free as of yesterday, explained Dan Smith, bar manager of both establishments.

Smith said he did not have much of a choice in the matter.

"Frankly, it's a reality I've come to accept," he said. "It's not necessarily something I agree or disagree with. It's the way society is going."

Bars are exempt from the bylaw, but establishments who receive more than one-third of their total revenue from food sales, such as The Spoke and The Wave, are classified as restaurants.

Mary-Lou Albanese, manager of the Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention program at the health unit, said eventually the city will institute a full ban on smoking.

Some Western students who smoke said they were unhappy with the idea of being condemned to the outdoors to satisfy their habit, but non-smokers seemed happy with the change.

"I probably won't go in [to The Spoke or The Wave] as often anymore," said first-year history student and smoker Sandra Pitts.

Hannah Maddock, a second-year biophysics student and a non-smoker, said the bylaw was a great idea. "Coming [to The Spoke] for a break and going to class reeking of smoke is not pleasant to me," she said.

Smoker Nigel Flynn, a third-year science student, said the ban had some positive aspects. "[The Spoke] smells a lot cleaner [already]," Flynn said.

The Wave and The Spoke customers will be able to get stamped so they can leave the restaurant to smoke and avoid lining up again, Smith said, adding The Spoke's patio will also be open for smokers, but alcohol will not be allowed there.

Smith said he expects to lose some night business.

Brendan Dominick, president of the Society of Graduate Students, confirmed that The Grad Club, located on the lower level of Middlesex College, will remain half smoking and half non-smoking because it is a private club.

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