Volume 95, Issue 77
Tuesday, February 19, 2002
Willy Loman
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Dean: don't expect Toronto-like tuition
Western won't see large increase

At last Friday's Senate meeting, Western's dean of law said it is unlikely tuition at Western law school will jump to the levels proposed at the University of Toronto and Queen's University.

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The Spoke no longer "The Smoke"

The haze has lifted from two campus restaurants, as the Middlesex-London Health Unit began enforcement of London's bylaw banning smoking at restaurants yesterday.

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Presidential race ends with a whimper

The 2002 University Students' Council presidential campaign drew to an uneventful close Sunday night at the University Drive residences forum in Medway-Sydenham Hall

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Les femmes rural benefit from new Western chair

Thanks to a large cash donation, Western's faculty of medicine announced a new initiative yesterday which will improve women's access to health care and focus on issues concerning women in Southern Ontario.

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ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
FIRST THE BERLIN WALL - NOW THIS. YES, EVIL IS TRULY DEAD. Third-year computer science student Drew McCallum leaves a now smoke-free Spoke Monday. In other news - whiny non-smokers, for once, have nothing to say.


Britney's Crossroads is littered with roadkill

Why did Britney cross the road?

Apparently, to make a movie in which she basically plays herself and alternates her on-screen time between appearing half-naked and singing (preferably her own songs).

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Mustangs board the "K-train"

On Saturday afternoon, the Western Mustangs men's basketball team boarded the Kwiatkowski train and rode it all over the McMaster Marauders.

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