Volume 95, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 19, 2002
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Nowadays, its easy for everyone to do it

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Nowadays, its easy for everyone to do it

To the Editor:

Recently there was a residence election for the presidency of Westminster College. I was a candidate, as was a friend of mine.

There was a strong amount of support for both of us and we both possessed much confidence. On the first day of elections, there was a tie. In fact it was but two votes that threw it off and forced us to go to re-election, causing yet another day of anxiety, nervousness and frustration.

On the final day, my friend won by eight votes, a distinct majority, which was good. However, what bothered me more was that out of a small building of approximately 250 people – where everyone knows each other and knows what is going on – there were only 160 voters.

Many people do not realize how important it is to vote. Many don't know the power is vested in them and they hold the key to the future of others.

There were many people who did not vote the first time, which would have saved the hassle of a re-election. The reason for this comes from their negative attitudes towards elections.

"Why should I care? I won't be here next year," some said. Others decided they would not vote because they did not hear the speeches, even though the turn out was about 30 students.

And of course there's just the laziness attitude, procrastination, etc. of those who just didn't care about anything. This is a problem – though it may seem that school elections are small-scale – what will people do in provincial and federal elections where the voters' decisions empower the nation?

Government works for the people – for the voter. There must be an emphasis placed on getting people to vote. The University Students' Council is doing a great job of getting the information to the students through websites, forums, newsprint, etc.

There is no excuse for a person to say they are not informed. I hope this letter gets to the students before the USC election day, Feb. 19. It is so important that everyone votes. It is but a click away.

The Internet has made it easy for everyone to do it. It takes no time or much effort at all. So I encourage the students to exercise their right and vote – it will make a huge impact on everyone and the candidates will thank you.

Natalie J. Persaud

Social Science I

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