Volume 95, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
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UCC rats want some lovin' too

Smarten up you USC candidates

The wheels on the bus go...

Smarten up you USC candidates

To the Editor:

Being a student who feels Bon Jovi is a pertinent issue in this upcoming election, let me explain the reasoning behind my "useless question."

Simply put, there is no longer any reason to bother ourselves with asking serious questions. I've attended three presidential forums to date and have discovered the candidates are quite incapable of giving an answer to any question dealing with any actual issue.

Questions about student fees, faculty issues and the ever-present "how exactly will you make the University Students' Council more accountable" have been dodged, avoided or occasionally a ludicrous unfeasible response is given.

This shows the candidates have spent very little time educating themselves as to the actual issues currently facing the students at Western and would rather not have to answer issue-based questions. We may as well ask them "useless questions," as that seems to be all they can answer.

To the presidential candidates: I realize this seems harsh, so I wish to offer you a suggestion. Instead of attempting to "wow" the electorate with your knowledge of six-syllable words, focus on a smaller, two-syllable word: research.

Learn about what is actually happening at Western. Learn what logistically can and can't be done. Think about concrete ideas you can propose to improve this campus (not ones currently in place that you don't seem to be aware of).

Finally, can the rhetoric. Speak in terms that show you know what you're talking about, as opposed to vague generalizations of what might be happening. Until I see this happen though, I'm basing my vote on who can do the best rendition of 'Bad Medicine.'

Jon Richardson

Kinesiology IV

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