Volume 95, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
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The wheels on the bus go...

The wheels on the bus go...

To the Editor:

On a day when I thought the only thing that could crush my ego was the test that I was about to take, never would I have imagined a bus driver would be the reason.

Unfortunately, the dashboard was in the way of my seeing the 'Southbound' sign. So, thinking I would receive a helpful reply from the bus driver, I asked about the direction of the bus route.

However, much to my surprise, he said 'are you a university student?' 'Yes', I answered. 'Then how come you can't read?,' he said.

I had had enough.

I said thank you and, red-faced, walked toward the back of the bus. After paying $98.35 for a yearly bus pass, I believe I should be provided a reliable source of transportation around London. Having bus drivers ruin my day was not an incentive I looked for when I made my payment at the beginning of the school year.

Therefore, I suggest the London Transit Commission question the enthusiasm of their bus drivers, for their rudeness is dampening the reputation of the commission.

If the bus drivers are unable to cordially answer a simple question, they should excuse themselves from the service sector.

I may be 'blind,' but I still mind my manners. Can the bus drivers do the same?

Emily Chu

Media, Information and Technoculture III

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