Volume 95, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
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UCC rats want some lovin' too

Smarten up you USC candidates

The wheels on the bus go...

UCC rats want some lovin' too

To the Editor:

Western is a unique and diverse university, which can clearly be seen in the popular hangout known as the University Community Centre. During the peak hours from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., students are constantly moving about, eating lunch, gossiping with friends or chilling.

A group of us are what you call "UCC Rats." We dubbed ourselves this because the UCC has become our home away from home – we eat, study and sleep at the UCC.

Oh yeah and play cards, usually none other than "big two." I'm sure many have seen us once, if not a few times, by the vending machines in Centrespot (Say "hi" if you read this letter!). We can't be missed, a group of minorities occupying anywhere from two to eight tables each hour, reading and playing cards.

Every year, a variety of Western solicitors visit Centrespot trying to promote a product or conduct a campaign for elections. Now, it's not that we mind solicitors, but, rather, that we aren't even given a chance to make a judgment call about them because they don't even approach our table.

An example is last year's University Students' Council presidential elections. One particular candidate (he did not win) would walk through Centrespot around three times per day and never once would he stop and campaign to us.

How can they justify by-passing a group of minorities, especially when they claim to be representing the student body?

This year's USC race is no different. One candidate walked right by us and again we were ignored. We weren't busy or occupied. We were chilling and ready to be amused.

This candidate, however, walked right by us with his entourage and interrupted a group of girls who were seemingly in a deep conversation. Needless to say, they were Caucasian.

Hmm, well, we aren't. Dare I say more? You make the call. Just note, this seems to be a recurrent trend in the UCC and as far as we are concerned, this shouldn't be happening in the first place.

Do these candidates think we don't understand English? Do we not vote? For your information, we all voted Lawless last year – apparently someone who was used to seeing and talking to minorities!

Khavita Harrycharran

Media, Information and Technoculture III

Caroline Lam

Health Sciences IV

Genevieve Wu

Health Sciences IV

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