Volume 95, Issue 79

Thursday, February 21, 2002
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The Gazette's look through the looking glass:

A tangled web of truth, lies and legend

Stories we love to believe in: hookers, seals and weddings

The Gazette's look through the looking glass:

One writer, three psychics and lots of chakras

By Sarah Lasch
Gazette Staff

I've heard a lot about psychics in my life stories about my friend's own readings, high-profile cases of psychic frauds and infomercials featuring washed-up stars and eccentric ladies whose expansive powers transcend the physical world.

I had even noticed a few signs of heightened intuition in my own life that had often made me wonder.

Was there any truth to the world of psychic phenomenon? I wanted a black and white answer, so I made three different appointments with psychics in the London community – I wanted to go right to the source.

I arrived at my first psychic not knowing what to expect. Her little shop was located just east of downtown on Dundas Street. A huge sign out front proclaimed "Raveneyes Psychic."

Raveneyes, a dark-haired woman in her 40s, is a blind seer, which gives her instant credibility. The concept was almost Shakespearean – the blind prophet who could see things beyond the realm of normal vision.

"Just relax – I'd like you to picture a protective light around the two of us," she began. "I ask that no harm come from this reading and only truth come through and that everything I receive be from the highest good of all for Sarah. Thank you."

Raveneyes had prepared a numerology chart for me – when I phoned to make the appointment, she had asked for my full name and birth date.

For the numerology reading, she held my left hand and used her other hand to read a braille chart she kept on her knees.

"I'm going to tell you about your numbers. I'm going to hold your hand at the same time because [often] the numbers will say one thing and a little voice inside of me will say 'no,'" she explained.

Raveneyes said numerology is based upon the mathematics of the Pythagorean theorem and analyzes number frequency based upon the vibrations between the letters of a person's name.

Over the course of the next hour, she told of many things that could be applied to me fairly accurately. However, I wondered how much of it applied to almost anyone else.

"You are a good listener and you like helping people. You crave balance and it is important to you," she said.

Who doesn't like to think of themselves as a good listener? Who doesn't like helping people?

"One of the first things I wanted to do when I picked up your hands is smile," she continued. "I feel that you are a smiler by nature." This was true. "You like things to be organized. You want things done a certain way 'cause it makes sense to you and it's logical.

"The hunches you get – they are right. Sometimes you have pre-cognitive dreams and that's where a lot of your talent lies – in your subconscious state.

"You have a highly creative side," she noted. "I feel that colour really affects you and I think you'd be good at seeing people's auras."

One of the final things she told me was that I was very indecisive. She said I was a good initiator, but emphasized my trouble making a decision. This is something that is very true about me. I think. Or maybe not.

After the reading, I asked Raveneyes where or how she received her abilities.

"Numerology, what I did with you today, is something I learned," she explained. "But how did I know different things about you? I was in an explosion when I was seven-years-old. At that point, from what I understand, I died. And when I became conscious, my whole perception of life changed. I started to believe in reincarnation and karmic debt. I could feel colours around people. I found that I could sense energy."

Her insights were striking, but nothing uncanny. It was time for my next psychic visit, with Robert Masschelein, otherwise known as "Psychic Bob" to Gazette readers.

I arrived at his attached brick house early in the morning – that's when he believes his psychic visions have the most clarity. A three-legged dog, a cat and a friendly-looking Bob greeted me at the door.

His house was no different than the homes of non-psychics I've been too. The only thing that may have been unusual was the crystal ball.

I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that numerous plants had something to do with psychic vibrations.

"I get all kinds of psychic vibrations," he explained as we sat down in his study. "I see them, I hear them, I feel them too. As these vibrations come in, I'll talk about them to you whether they be in the past, present or future."

Bob asked me for a watch or a ring I usually wear to help him receive vibrations.

"[You're] quite an intense person," he explained. "I also see you're a gifted writer. These things come to you in daydream states. Amazing visualization capacity – all in colour.

"You have a lot of stuff in your mind," he continued. "You write it all down, like in books. I would keep that because it may be good for you." Interestingly enough, I've kept extensive journals since I was a little kid. I write all the time.

In the course of our conversation, Bob accurately described my roommate, ex-boyfriend, both my parents and my relationships spot on with them.

"We, as human beings, function on many levels – the physical and then the astral body, which is form, sound and light," he explained, explaining the root of his psychic powers. "We normally function within the physical body, but when we sleep, it detaches and floats. Then there's the higher mental dimension, the world of thought, the finest dimension. It's the creative god force."

"It's very good to realize you function [in these dimensions]," he said. "Thoughts are living things and they will come back at you. Thought is energy, like radio waves and people will pick them up whether consciously or subconsciously."

Bob told me he can read both future and past lives. He told me that I am an old soul, which means I have been reincarnated many times.

"There is nobody in this world who doesn't – even animals – have a sixth sense." he said. "It's not so much a gift as a developed capacity that most people have. I'm somebody who realized it was there."

I asked Bob if phony psychics exist.

"There's not a whole lot because they don't last," he said. "But there are some of what I would call 'pseudo-psychics.' These are people who have a bit of a gift and use it to extract money from people."

I felt sure that there was definitely something to this "psychic thing." The readings were very accurate and there were undeniably some things that they both said that could only be described as, well, psychic.

Later that afternoon, I made my way over to psychic Eleanor Crawford's house. Eleanor was a soft-spoken, older lady who took me upstairs to a small room.

Eleanor asked me for my birth date as she shuffled tarot cards.

"I have a feeling that you have psychic abilities yourself. You may discover this more in the future," she said. "You seem to know what people are thinking about or how they feel."

She said she got the feeling that I am an old soul. "You've lived many times before. You've got wisdom from the past.

"I see things with people and they're usually accurate," she explained. "Now I happen to believe, even though I'm making psychic predictions, the future is not carved in stone and can be changed. You make your future. What you are now dictates what you experience in life." Now this makes sense.

"Looking back now, I was a psychic as a small child, but I didn't have a name for it. My mom had psychic power, but she chose to ignore it."

As a small child, Eleanor used to play in an abandoned cemetery in the village where she grew up. "I used to play there with spirit children in that cemetery," she said. "When I got a bit older we moved to London and I tried to be accepted at high school. I really ignored any psychic feelings so I would fit in. I didn't pay any attention to my psychic feelings until my early 20s."

I left the reading feeling good. Everything Eleanor said made logical sense to me. The psychic world now seemed to be probable and perhaps even common. It seemed my notion of "heightened intuition" is what being a psychic is all about.

Psychic readings are extensions of the normal thought process to which we already have access. Mind reading is not as far-fetched as it sounds or as "out there" as it may at first have seemed. Being a psychic is a gift.

And so I leave it up to you. Psychic vibrations are all around us. Everyone has the capacity to sense them. Maybe you have enormous psychic potential just waiting to be unleashed. So open your mind, you may just surprise yourself.

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