Volume 95, Issue 79

Thursday, February 21, 2002
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A tangled web of truth, lies and legend

Stories we love to believe in: hookers, seals and weddings

Stories we love to believe in: hookers, seals and weddings

Have you heard the one about...

The bride and groom at their wedding reception?

Everything is going perfectly when the groom stands up to give a toast. He thanks all the guests for coming and for the stack of presents on the table and then thanks the father of the bride for the beautiful reception.

He then tells the guests he has a surprise for all of them. He instructs them to look under their chairs. They do and find a picture taped to the bottom of each seat.

The guests are shocked and horrified! It's a picture of the bride and the best man having sex! The groom says he had a feeling they were having an affair and hired an investigator to take the photo. He then says to the father of the bride, "Thanks for the $30,000 sit-down dinner and party, but I'm out of here." And he walks out.

The man travelling on business to St. John's, Newfoundland?

He checks into a Holiday Inn and arranges with the desk clerk to have a hooker sent up to his room. A few minutes later, a knock comes at his door and he opens it to find his scantily-clad daughter, who is a student at the local university.

Slippery the Seal?

In 1958 a sea lion got out of Storybook Gardens, swam through the Thames River and was recaptured near Sandusky, Ohio 10 days later. It is rumored Storybook Gardens was behind this to gain free publicity. Another theory was that university students freed him as a prank.

The man who passed out at a party after being drugged?

He wakes up in a bathtub full of ice with two surgical incisions in his lower back. There is a note written on the mirror in lipstick that says: "Go directly to the hospital." He does and is told by a doctor that his kidneys have been stolen to be sold on the black market.

The man and wife who were supposed to go to the costume party together?

When the time came to go, the woman told her husband to go without her because she had a headache. The man reluctantly did and the suspicious wife decided to see how faithful her husband really was. She put on a different costume and went to the party.

When she got there, she saw her husband dancing with a young girl in a sexy costume. She decided to really put him to the test. She danced with him and whispered they should sneak into a bedroom. She insisted they leave the masks on and had sex with him. Then she ran home to wait for his return. When he got there, she innocently asked if he'd had fun.

He told her he hadn't. After a few minutes he and some guys went across the street to play poker. He added, "the guy who borrowed my costume had a hell of a time though!"

Sources: http://www.snopes.com and http://about.com and Chris Doty, a London historian.

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