Volume 95, Issue 79

Thursday, February 21, 2002
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Professors receive honours

By Daren Lin
Gazette Staff

Professors Don Hair, Stephen Hicock, John Howard, Mitchell McInnes, Mary Millard and Tom Stavraky have been awarded one of Western's top honours this year.

The six recently won Western's Excellence in Teaching awards, established in 1980, in recognition of outstanding contributions to teaching, counselling, thesis supervision and curriculum development.

"I love teaching poetry because it is the one art form that shows what language can do. It's nice to startle people out of the idea that once you have read a word, you still might not have its meaning," said English professor Don Hair.

Being able to be both in the outdoors and teach, is what winner Hicock loves about his job as an earth sciences professor, he said. Hicock is responsible for all 110 hall decorations throughout the halls of the Biological and Geological Sciences Building, through the use of photographs, diagrams and displays.

Millard, professor of actuarial sciences, said she tries to foster a love of learning in her students. "Their focus shifts accordingly from 'what do I need to know to get an A' to 'how else can I use these concepts to solve other problems,'" she said.

"I am trying to redefine what health is, to move from the medical model to the patient-centered model," the faculty of medicine's Howard said. He has also led the redesign of Western's medical curriculum.

President of the Law Students' Council Raivo Uukkivi said McInnes, a law professor, is tremendously popular with students.

McInnes said his award shows the commitment of his students because his courses are often difficult.

Stavraky, from the department of physiology, said he likes to get people excited about how their body works. "I like teaching the muscles system because I can get students to act out how it works," he said.

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