Volume 95, Issue 79
Thursday, February 21, 2002
Get over it
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Student dies Wednesday in car accident

A Western student was struck and killed by a car while riding his bicycle near Essex Hall on Wednesday night.

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Operation: Presidency - Sinal wins
Front-runner avoids 'massive' upset

Despite his rocky past and the slimmest victory margin in 10 years, all Chris Sinal cares about is that he came out on top at last night's University Student's Council presidential election.

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Tears and middle fingers from 'also-rans'

"I'm a loser baby, so why don't ya kill me," popular musician Beck once sang.

While they might not agree with Beck, some candidates were a little disappointed after the results of last night's University Students' Council presidential election.

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Chris Sinal
Mike Liebrock
Dan Tolhurst
Kevin Shipley
Kyle Winston
Melissa Groendyk
Marc Raymond

Professors receive honours

Professors Don Hair, Stephen Hicock, John Howard, Mitchell McInnes, Mary Millard and Tom Stavraky have been awarded one of Western's top honours this year.

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Allen Chen/Gazette
CANADIANS ARE FLOCKING EN MASSE TO BELARUS, TO THANK THE BELARUSSIANS FIRST-HAND, FOR TOPPLING THE EVIL, EVIL SWEDES. Western students lined up in front of TravelCuts Wednesday looking to plot their reading week activities.


ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - MEET YOUR NEW PRESIDENT. Third-year history student Chris Sinal (left) celebrates last night at the victory party held in his honour. First-year honours business administration student Dan Tolhurst (right) placed third in the race.


Joydrop's Juno nod satisfies hunger for success

Tom McKay is making a living doing what he loves – exploring Canada and many other countries with his band, Joydrop, who have recently been nominated for a coveted Juno Award.

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The Gazette's look through the looking glass:
One writer, three psychics and lots of chakras

I've heard a lot about psychics in my life – stories about my friend's own readings, high-profile cases of psychic frauds and infomercials featuring washed-up stars and eccentric ladies whose expansive powers transcend the physical world.

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