Volume 95, Issue 79

Thursday, February 21, 2002
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A lacklustre victory for Sinal

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A lacklustre victory for Sinal

Chris Sinal got exactly what he deserved.

After a lacklustre, if not, disheartening two-week campaign, the former University Students' Council VP-student affairs claimed the game's biggest prize – the presidency.

Given such a victory, it would seem congratulations are in order. But, let's take a look at the numbers.

This year's election saw a surprisingly higher turnout than the previous year's race. And if Sinal had claimed a resounding majority of this higher-than-expected turnout, he would have more than enough reason to celebrate.

Instead, Sinal – a candidate with more experience, more knowledge, better preparation and higher name recognition – gained only 26 per cent of the popular vote. A mere 152 votes better than his closest rival – Mike Liebrock.

Such a result is indicative of the campaign Sinal so effortlessly ran.

Never in recent memory had we seen a candidate with Sinal's impressive background. Despite his infamous Operation: Massive and reports of chaos during his reign as VP-student affairs, few candidates have ever come into a campaign with so much involvement at such high levels.

For that reason, it was expected Sinal would run an impressive campaign of well-researched ideas, bold new initiatives and strong leadership. Instead, he fell upon the crutch that had carried our previous two leaders – Mike Lawless and Dave Braun – to victory.

Sinal assumed the role of the "good guy." He was nice, charming, "cool" to talk to and such. He was "Mr. Popular" – the guy everybody wanted to be friends with.

But Western students don't need a friend. They need a leader.

Now, after a two week campaign of "calculated fluff" we're left with a friend who has a $30,000 mistake on his record and his hands on the controls of a students' council and hundreds of thousands of students' dollars.

Chris Sinal can be permitted no learning curve. After a year on the USC's board of directors, Sinal must be expected to assume leadership from day one.

His knowledge, first-hand experience and connections must be used to formulate new initiatives with substance. No need to reinvent the wheel – simply deal effectively with the issues that affect the day-to-day lives of students – parking, safety, cheap meals on campus and financial aid.

He must erase from our memories the "good guy" we became so discouraged with during the past two weeks. Sure you're "accessible," but how about being ambitious and inspiring.

The student body deserves better than it got over the last two weeks. Not only that – the student body deserves a better president than Sinal has, so far, shown us he can be.

You got just what you deserved tonight Mr. Sinal. Now show us you deserve to hold this campus' highest student office.

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