Volume 95, Issue 69

Tuesday, February 5, 2002
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Pavlo's soul is his guitar

Pavlo's soul is his guitar

By Megan O'Toole
Gazette Staff

Toronto native Pavlo – defined by this single moniker – is successfully spreading the sound of his Mediterranean guitar to the world at large.

Though his records have gained extensive critical acclaim, Pavlo has not let it go to his head. While a recent Juno nomination and frequent sold-out shows have added a new dimension to his art, Pavlo's primary focus is self-expression through music.

"When I write songs, they're inspired by different things," he explains. "It's not really one singular inspiration, it's many. The most important thing for me is just simply to write something that is true to what I do."

Pavlo adds his compositions are written for both himself and his audience. "In a nutshell, everything I compose is truly something that I feel is real and I hope others get that same sort of vibe from it."

Indeed, fans in North America and abroad have found Pavlo to be a unique artist whose music reflects a deep devotion to his work.

Since the tender age of 10, Pavlo has displayed a love for music. His quiet, soft-spoken nature complements his profound emotional attachment to the romantic genre.

As a guitarist, Pavlo's innate talent first surfaced in his childhood years. "I dabbled in percussion when I was younger," Pavlo recalls. "But really, my first love was the guitar."

His music reflects elements of Flamenco, Latin and classical styles. Growing up, he was a fan of composers like Paco de Lucia and more recently, his admiration has turned toward artists like Loreena McKennitt and Liona Boyd.

Currently on tour with Boyd, Pavlo is enjoying the ride.

"I do about 100 to 150 shows a year," he says. In spite of his busy lifestyle, however, Pavlo is still finding time to explore new musical avenues. Most recently, he collaborated with Toronto-based rapper Carlito.

"[Carlito] took one of my songs and rapped around it," Pavlo explains. The song is currently getting airplay on Canadian stations and a video is soon to follow. "I'm always into trying new stuff," he says enthusiastically. "It's cool! It's all music and it's all good, so I'm always open-minded to anything."

Pavlo's latest album, Fantastia, is doing remarkably well and has gained a Juno nomination for "Best Instrumental Album." His success provides him a platform to share his music with the world, which makes touring a joy for him.

Pavlo finds he relaxes by travelling to different locations around the world. "When I get a chance, I love to go and see new places," he says. "[I especially like] anywhere that's hot and has a beach."

With a 50 city tour in progress, a new album in the works and a potential Juno award in the near future, what are Pavlo's current hopes for himself and his backing band?

"Just to keep doing what we're doing – and that's perform and tour and keep chugging along," he states simply.

Fans can expect Pavlo's third album sometime in early August, but, in the meantime, he is excited for the upcoming Valentine's Day show in London.

"We've been very fortunate to be asked to come back and perform [in London]", Pavlo says. "London's actually been one of our better cities. I hope everyone can make it out and we'll have a good time."

Pavlo and his band will be performing at Centennial Hall on Feb. 14 at 8 p.m.. Tickets are available by calling the Centennial Hall Box Office at 672-1967.

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