Volume 95, Issue 69

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

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Let the ass-kissing begin

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Let the ass-kissing begin

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

Friday's all-candidates meeting for the University Students' Council elections had the McKellar room filled with students hoping to win a seat on their student government.

The meeting was mandatory for all candidates, who were briefed on the upcoming election procedures.

This year's presidential race has seven candidates Melissa Groendyk, Mike Liebrock, Marc Raymond, Kevin Shipley, Chris Sinal, Dan Tolhurst and Kyle Winston.

Chief returning officer Jordan Glick said all students should take advantage of the USC presidential forums to learn more about the seven candidates. The first forum will be held today in the University Community Centre atrium at noon.

Current USC president Mike Lawless said his own term in office has, sadly, gone by incredibly quickly, but he is excited to give such an opportunity to another person.

"It excites me to know that a month from now I'll be helping someone get ready for a new year," Lawless said, noting the transition period for his position is from Mar.1 to May 1.

Campaigning ends Feb. 18 and voting takes place on Feb. 19 and 20.

Candidates for President (1)

Melissa Groendyk, Mike Liebrock, Marc Raymond, Kevin Shipley, Chris Sinal, Dan Tolhurst, Kyle Winston

Candidates for Arts President (1)

No candidates

Candidates for Arts Councillor (3)

Melinda Gibson, Matt Huether, Kathleen McGarry, Shannon Proudfoot

Candidates for Social Science President (1)

Elizabeth Berman, Linsay Michael

Candidates for Social Science Councillor (10)

Mark Baird, Emi Businskas, Liz Butler, Robert Ciriello, Ian DaSilva, David Ford, Pat Giles, Victoria Hollick, Reema Ibdah, Eric Johanssen, Joel Lavoie, Brian Lynch, Cameron McAlphine, Noel Morton, Bobby Plus, Kathy Robineau, Kim Rellinger, Bryan Semenyei, Clifford Seto, Jocelyn M. Ullett, Cierra Watson, Gary John Weatherup

Candidates for Science Council President (1)

Phil Andros, Adam Chisholm, Mark Huston, Kristi McConnell

Candidates for Science Councillor (7)

Josdalyne Anderson, Arzie Chant, Christopher Fairgrove, Barry Fong, Aleeza Gerstein, Billeh Hamud, Neema Kasravi, Eric Kerfoot, Angela Laughton, Christina Loh, Catherine Malvihill, Erin McCloskey, Eddy Morgan, Brad Nicpon, Dana Patterson, Richard Prior, Fran Rubio, Tannis Smith, Mark Weis

Candidates for MIT President (1)

Toben L. Alexander (acclaimed)

Candidates for MIT Councillor (1)

Meaghen Houlihan, Jonathan Laski

Candidates for Health Sciences President (1)

No Candidates

Candidates for Health Sciences Councillor (4)

Adrienne Kennedy, Melanie Slade, Rajan Suppiah (acclaimed)

Candidates for Music Councillor (1)

Jennette Stevenson(acclaimed)

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