Volume 95, Issue 69
Tuesday, February 5, 2002
four horsemen

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Psychic: Sinal will win USC election
The Gazette's mystic guru makes bold prediction

With the dreamy-eyed gaze of a philosopher and a saintly smile, psychic Bob Masschelein tapped the spiritual world.

Yesterday, The Gazette asked their favourite clairvoyant to look into the futures of the 2002 University Students' Council presidential candidates.

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Let the ass-kissing begin

Friday's all-candidates meeting for the University Students' Council elections had the McKellar room filled with students hoping to win a seat on their student government.

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Pride Awareness Day hits UCC atrium

Pride Awareness Day was in full swing yesterday in the University Community Centre atrium, providing students with helpful resources about issues of gay and lesbian pride.

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Wall of debt - much nicer than the Berlin Wall

Instead of burning bridges, the Canadian Federation of Students has taken to building walls.

Students from the CFS and Western's Society of Graduate Students raised a Wall of Debt yesterday in the University Community Centre to spread awareness about increasing student debt.

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©Beth Kerim/Gazette
PSYCHIC BOB: The Gazette's own psychic, Bob Masschelein unlocked his chi, turned on his chakra, tapped into the force and gave psychic readings of the University Students' Council presidential candidates Monday.


There Goes the Bride - slowly, but she makes it

When attending a play, you might find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat. It may be because the performance is so riveting, hilarious or thrilling, you can't tear your eyes away – or it may be because you're so bored you can't wait to get up and leave the theatre.

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Women get cold treatment on ice

If persistence and hard work were enough to win hockey games, perhaps the Western Mustangs women's hockey team wouldn't have suffered their second lop-sided loss to Toronto last Saturday.

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