Volume 95, Issue 71

Thursday, February 7, 2002

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Spicy dating drama hot off the Island

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Spicy dating drama hot off the Island

Molly Pop
Molly Duignan
A&E Editor

Oh God, only two more episodes!

If you follow Temptation Island 2, AKA "TI:2," then you know why I'm so anxious. If not, you'd better jump on the bandwagon quickly, cause it's a damn good show.

Here's what you need to know to watch the showdown tonight:

The Couples:

Shannon & John – Did you watch the Shannon of TI:1? Yeah, well, same stuff, different pile. Too bad John's a hit and Shannon's a cheesy fake. He's a bartender, but she wants him to be straight-edge business boy. She's big on tears and psychotic love notes – he's a soul-searching romantic.

Tommy & Nikkole – You'd never know from their behaviour that they've been together for four years. Nikkole's the feisty bartender in this relationship, but Tommy's just as feisty on the other side of the island. Both are annoyingly cocky and overbearing – perfect soap opera material.

Edmundo & Catherine – Is it a prerequisite for the show that one member of every couple need to work in a bar? Edmundo's a waiter and Catherine's a 23-year-old "dancer." How these two have made it this far is anyone's guess.

Kelley & Mark – The replacement couple – and it shows. Thrown into the bunch to spice things up, she's a bartender and he's a police officer. Like a half-time show, neither has really had a chance to make an impression on the group dynamic.

The Game:

For S&J – Act as fake as possible so that when she proposes to him at the end (just like the other Shannon), the show will document their un-wavering longing for future grandchildren. Excuse me while I barf.

For T&N – It's all about throwing out a four-year relationship for these two. A couple one-nighters with the white eye shadow girl for him and a boy with the same name as her present boyfriend for her. And Tommy NY – thumbs down.

For E&C – Ever heard of TV résumé? They obviously have. Their goal is to show off big boobs and pecs, make emotional "connections" with multiple people and pretend they're hurt when they get a taste of their own medicine. All the while crossing their fingers that their agents will call soon.

For K&M – Get there late and pack into two dates what the others did in six.

The Outcome:

S&J – She'll cry, he'll look cute, she'll probably propose. He'll just go along with it and theirs will be the second Shannon-style wedding to kick off TI:3.

T&N – She'll confess to loving Tommy NY, he'll confess to loving them all – they'll break up (or pretend to stay together). No relationship can survive that kind of public defamation.

E&C – Same deal: lots of tears, maybe they'll try to stay together, but both should realize if, in two weeks, they can make that many connections, theirs obviously isn't that strong.

K&M – Nothing solved, but nothing changed – they haven't been away long enough to demolish everything.

The Point:

It's simple. The TV equivalent of a self-help book, watching scantily-clad singles and not-so-singles make fools of themselves and damage their future relationship potential forever is the best way to prepare for a scandalous Valentine's Day next week.

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