Volume 95, Issue 71

Thursday, February 7, 2002
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Golly gee Dr. Mike, thanks for everything

Student puts herself in old people's shoes

Beauty's only skin deep, but it's all we see

Beauty's only skin deep, but it's all we see

To the Editor:

I would just like to congratulate most Western students for another year of fabulous fashion.

It is so refreshing to see so many Gucci coats, Prada shoes, MAC makeup users, etc. on campus. Western's high-maintenance, high-fashion students make walking around campus so much more interesting and pleasing than having to look at the typical pyjama-wearing student.

So once again, congratulations and remember – the new spring line is coming soon to a ritzy mall near you.

PS – Beauty may only be skin deep, but that is all people see when they walk by!

Brenton Faubert

Administrative and Commercial Studies II

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