Volume 95, Issue 71

Thursday, February 7, 2002
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Three horsemen leading the Mustangs charge

A sports fan's dream

A sports fan's dream

Marty's Mantra
Dave Martin
Sports Editor

February is usually considered one of the worst months of the year, as the winter blahs drag on forever and an unbearable amount of school work building up after Christmas, leaving very little to be excited about.

This year is a completely different story, as any sports fan could arguably say February 2002 might just be the best month of the year.

So, if you've been living in a cave or have changed your mailing address to 5th Floor, cubicle 42, DB Weldon Library in the past month, here's the heads-up to why these 28 days are so praiseworthy.

Superbowl XXXVI

For once, with the exception of 2000, the Superbowl lived up to all its hype and expectations.

I must shamefully admit to being one of the millions who never gave the Patriots a chance, but what an amazing way to prove us wrong. Although we got robbed of almost all the new American commercials (except for Britney, thank goodness), a simple, non-medley, 'not-over-doing-it-as-usual' half-time performance by U2 coinciding with a special Playmate Fear Factor certainly kept the viewers' attention.

But, obviously, the last six minutes of the game could not have been more perfectly scripted, as they provided us with some of the most exciting football memories on record.

Olympics Salt Lake City

If the Coca-Cola commercial challenging us as a nation to be heard in Salt Lake City doesn't get your heart pumping with the excitment of celebrating Canada, I don't know what will.

Beginning tomorrow, the competitive virus of the Olympics will soon have you engulfed in sports you could never stand to watch before, such as cross-country skiing, luge, bobsledding and even figure-skating – so long as there is a Canadian competing. (Note: the men's figure-skating final is the night of Feb. 14, so for all you with significant others who love Elvis, this means a cheap Valentine's Day date in front of your TV.)

This year, more so than others, Canadians have a lot of reasons to be waving the red maple leaf in hopes of hearing our national anthem played time and again.

Men's Hockey: if it's 'our' game, then it's about time we proved it. There certainly is a lot of pressure for our boys to bring home the gold and I have a lot of faith that Wayne-o has picked the right mix to accomplish this feat.

World Champions: Although we've been down this road before with world champion figure skaters sans gold, no one was as dominating as Jamie Sale and David Pelletier were this year.

"Dominating" is also a word to describe our speed-skaters Jeremy Wotherspoon and flag-bearer Catriona LeMay Doan who have not only been winning, but setting world records wherever they go.

Even more exciting than watching the favourites win is cheering on the unexpected success stories, like snowboarder Ross Reblagliati and skier Karen Lee-Gartner of previous Olympiads.

If the NHL is able to take a two-week break, do you think Western adminitration can be convinced of the same thing because Feb. 8-24 will possibly be the most enjoyable entertainment we have for the next two years.

Besides the Superbowl and Olympics, the Raptors and Leafs fill any leftover time in your schedule, as they head into crucial stretches of their seasons.

This February, there is no excuse to complain about the winter blahs. Instead, the excuses will be direly needed to explain your wounded academic average.

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