Volume 95, Issue 71
Thursday, February 7, 2002

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Day of Action protests sweep the country

A new generation of student protesters froze – literally – while lobbying the provincial government to freeze tuition fees yesterday afternoon at Queen's Park.

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London protest targets MPP's office

Mr. Freeze, a six-foot, papier-mache idol, led the way for several hundred Western students and faculty who marched downtown to the offices of Dianne Cunningham, the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, in support of freezing tuition for post-secondary education yesterday

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Candidates seek crucial political geek vote

Presidential candidates got a taste of what it means to be accountable to the University Students' Council as councillors got the chance to air concerns during a forum at last night's council meeting.

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Controversial speaker visits Huron

A controversial speaker returned to Western yesterday for an academic debate at Huron University College.

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©Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
WHILE THEY WANTED TUITION FROZEN, THEY ALSO WANTED MORE PANTOMIME GAMES OF HUNGRY, HUNGRY HIPPO. Melissa Dozos and Tim Dqiaron marched to Queen's Park in Toronto as part of the Day of Action protest across Canada Wednesday.


Hedgehogs and beavers, oh my

Ever wonder if Britney Spears' breasts are real or fake? Legendary porn star Ron Jeremy has the answer.

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Three horsemen leading the Mustangs charge

The threesome of Matt Dzieduszycki, Joe Talbot and Ryan Held are ranked one, two and three respectively on the Ontario University Athletics scoring charts and all three just happen to play hockey for the Mustangs.

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