Volume 95, Issue 72

Friday, February 8, 2002

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Disc of the Week

This is Bad Taste, no literally - it sucks

Hoobastank crawls into sickly sweet pop

Boys cry, too, y'know

This is Bad Taste, no literally - it sucks

Various Artists

This is Bad Taste Volume 4

Bad Taste Records

One Star (out of five)

This is Bad Taste Volume 4 offers exactly what the title suggests – bad taste.

Although the exact intentions behind Bad Taste Records putting out worthless garbage are not known, one hopes it is meant as a long-standing gag between a few slimy record executives.

Depression, angst and political turmoil are common themes throughout the record, as bands like Turtlehead and Astream try to deliver the same down-trodden messages of anarchism to the youth of America.

However, one spin of the record shows these bands to be pseudo-rebels at best.

Tracks like "Streets of Glory" and "You're The Reason" by Misconduct show exactly why a bunch of white kids in a "band" should stay in the middle of suburbia. The tracks lack the essentials of a song – namely beat, melody and rhythm – and the vocals are monotonous and indistinguishable from the instruments.

Perhaps the only bright spot on the album is the track "Confessions of a Futon Revolutionist (Country Style)" by The Weakerthans, a song about reflection tweaked to the strains of country-pop.

"ConfessionsÉ" makes an attempt to win the listener with its subtlety and simplicity, mixing soft vocals with a mixture of farmyard instruments, including banjo.

Appraisers and connoisseurs of music beware, This is Bad Taste Volume 4 is nothing more than wannabe Sex Pistol songs laced with new-age strife – it's a kick in the crotch for your ears.

–Robert Wong

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