Volume 95, Issue 72

Friday, February 8, 2002

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Profile: Melissa Groendyk

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Profile: Melissa Groendyk

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

For Melissa Groendyk, the opportunity to become University Students' Council president is a chance to empower Western students.

"I want to show the London community and our administration our worth," she said. "It seems they look at us as evil people and just label us as the dumb student voice. I believe I can show them we're people too and not just the completely emotional, uncontrollable students they think we are."


The third-year science student has been a USC science councillor for two years, as well as a member of various USC committees.

Other experiences that enhance her leadership capabilities come from time spent in high school as a Venturer, which is a branch of Boy Scouts, she said. Among her accomplishments, she lists various awards for competitions and the chance to host groups of Scotland Venturers.

"My experience there shows I'm good at promoting people into things," she said. "I'm good at taking people in a direction they need to go and not just necessarily where they want to go."

In her platform, Groendyk says the USC must negotiate with London Transit for part-time student bus passes. Also, she would like to see the USC take more of a stand for students who become subject to Western's Student Code of Conduct. "The USC should be advocates for students who are affected by its implications," she said.

She said she avoided placing emphasis on fiscal responsibility or accountability since these were issues that should already be taken care of.

"However, if there is a large loss of [student] money, it should lead to a resignation," she said.

Groendyk says if she were president, the USC would be much more active in students' lives.

"I can pave the way for people and the challenges they're facing," she said. "The big thing the president has to do is open up opportunities for people and create active members of society. I want to help us realize our potential as the University Students' Council and as a powerful student body at this university."

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