Volume 95, Issue 55

Thursday, January 10, 2002
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I love Magnum P.I.

There is perhaps only one addiction shared by all people in our society - the love for a private detective named Thomas Magnum.

Perhaps the greatest television show in the history of the medium, re-runs of Magnum P.I. are an addiction that touch us all in so many ways. Watching a true 80s Magnum masterpiece can quite readily bring tears of joy to one's eyes.

As we all know, the show's premise is simply brilliant: a guy with a cool mustache and lots of chest hair, who wears a Hawaiian shirt every day, chases bad guys in a snazzy convertible and wins the hearts of women everywhere.

Being a Magnum addict is nothing to be ashamed of - Tom Selleck is a very charming and sexy man. He has powers that surpass most mortal men and he's so good at pissing off that British guy, Higgins.

Most of us secretly have a large majority of the series on tape, but it's still shown frequently on the A&E network. Don't be afraid to admit your love for everyone's favorite private investigator and his cast of zany friends, including helicopter pilot T.C. (Theodore Calvin).

Working together, we can keep the show's spirit alive forever. Thanks Magnum.

-Chris Lackner

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