Volume 95, Issue 55

Thursday, January 10, 2002
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The Gazette's ultimate guide to addictions

Smoking - what a drag

Mmmm... Coffeeeee

Don't gamble away your life savings

I love Magnum P.I.

Don't get too pumped

Marajuana is not addictive

The myth of the bottomless mug

New Year's resolutions

The Gazette's ultimate guide to addictions


Everyone has them, but few truly admit it. They are our worst weaknesses, our intimate desires and our most shameful secrets.

Throughout the course of our university careers, many addictions can develop and even flourish due to our new-found freedom and the potential for unbridled stupidity.

Does your addiction involve hourly trips to Tim Hortons and a sickly fetish for doughnuts? Do you spend 13 hours a day watching 1980s television reruns? Do you have a fetish for crack cocaine or maybe a longing to sit in a windowless office and write for a student newspaper? Do you spend most of your waking hours picturing Rodney Dangerfield in his underwear?

These addictions are nothing to be embarrassed about, but acceptance is the first step.

We decided to shed some light on some of the world's most common addictions. With the help of the information we've gathered, perhaps some of you can beat your addictions and stay true to your 2002 New Year's resolutions.

–C&C Editors

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