Volume 95, Issue 56

Friday, January 11, 2002
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Oily ho's and blingin' Bentleys

2002's crystal ball


Sunday Exams - Saturday exams were bad enough, but at least we had the second half of the weekend to drink away. Ugh, I mean Sundays are reserved for church...

Molly Duignan - My co-editor is usually nice and all, but sometimes she's just plain mean and scary.

Hockey pools - How are both the Chatty Swede and Tonya Harding doing better than me?

End of the year media - If I have to hear, read or listen to another 2001 top 10 list or predictions for 2002 thing, I'm gonna give you 10 reason to run like hell...

Addictions - I'm not talking about smoking, cocaine or prescription drugs - I'm talking about video game addiction. You know you have a problem when you go to bed dreaming you are Tony Hawk.


Tony Hawk - Absolutely, the coolest dude on earth. Anyone who can perform a "Christ Air" makes me a believer, even if it's only in video game world.

Jameson Irish Whiskey - Tastes like apples and goes down easy.

Amelie - In this time of crappy Hollywood war movies, Amelie reminds us there is still great filmmaking in this world.

Mix Tapes - Better than a burned CD. It is an art because it takes more work - if you truly love someone, show it with a mix tape.

Tray-bogganing - There's no need for crazy carpets or top-of-the-line toboggans. All we need is some weird people, liquor and trays from CentreSpot, which will be returned. Maybe.

-Andrea Chiu

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