Volume 95, Issue 56

Friday, January 11, 2002
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Lung cancer photo album

By Marcus Maleus
Gazette Staff

Grotesque pictures of black lungs and yellow teeth may be discouraging a large number of smokers, a new study indicates.

Environics Research Group Ltd. confirmed the study found 90 per cent of smokers noticed the new warnings, 21 per cent of smokers have on one or more occasions been tempted to have a cigarette, but decided not to because of the warnings and 43 per cent of smokers were more concerned about the health effects of smoking because of the warnings.

Commissioned by the Canadian Cancer Society and conducted by Environics, the study questioned 2,031 Canadians, of which 633 were smokers.

Ontario Health Ministry spokesman Gord Haugh said despite the positive results, Health Minister Tony Clement is still pushing for a higher taxes on cigarettes to discourage potential smokers.

"History shows us that increasing the price of cigarettes also increases deterrence," Haugh said.

Yves-Thomas Dorval, public affairs spokesman for Imperial Tobacco, said the company did not find the results surprising.

"The survey is a measurement of attitudes and reactions, not the behaviour of the market. There is no information that shows the pictures have had a negative effect on sales," he said. "Attributing a decrease in levels of smoking to the photos is misleading – smoking has been decreasing in Canada since the 1960s."

Myriel Gabelmann, a second-year French and history student who smokes, said the photos may have an effect on non-smokers, but not on chronic smokers.

"In a way, [the labels] are counterproductive. I know people who collect them. They'll go into a store and say 'I already have the lungs, can I have the brain please?'" he said.

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