Volume 95, Issue 56

Friday, January 11, 2002
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Seeking courage from the SSSC

Recombobulator 2002 - "Takin' it to the streets"

Seeking courage from the SSSC

Re: "Councillor seeks to impeach Baxter," Jan. 9

To the Editor:

Throughout my time at Western, I have heard a lot of talk and witnessed a lot of gestures from our Social Science Students' Council and University Students' Council councillors as they attempt to reach out to students.

For me the answer is relatively simple – accountability!

Last year, a representative broke the USC's own bylaws concerning election rules; little came of it. This year, the SSSC president has watched over the council's financial ruin.

It has yet to be determined whether council will remove him. If they don't, the question that lingers in my mind is, why do councillors expect us to trust them when they will not make all of their members accountable to their constituents?

John F. Kennedy's book, Profiles In Courage, is a biographical history of individuals who had put the political before the personal. I hope my representatives are able to take that courageous leap.

Matt Rae

History III

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