Volume 95, Issue 57

Tuesday, January 15, 2002
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Brothels, fun, liquor, sex, buns, Bush

Brothels, fun, liquor, sex, buns, Bush

To the Editor:

Once again America has done the courageous and noble thing – this time by liberating Afghanistan from the hands of "terrorists."

Yeah for America!

But to me it seems they have done the total opposite of what they indoctrinated the public to believe they would do. War on terrorism? More like the American-led coalition of state terrorism. War of civilization? Looks like a war showing how to destroy a civilization. A war for freedom and democracy? More like the war to show how to dictate democracy.

So why am I not surprised? History repeats itself. Just as America went into Iraq to protect its oil rights in Kuwait, they now go into Afghanistan to tap the oil in Kazakhstan.

But they need a pro-American government to do that, so no more Mullah Omar. Hello to the world's newest Barbie doll: Hamid Karzai and his accessories. Just as Bush Sr. said he was out to get the insane Hussein, Bush Jr. says he's out to get bin Laden. Coincidence? I don't think so. Just another case of 'like father, like son.'

It has become quite clear what sort of liberation mission America was on when they decided to side with the northern alliance.

The opium business is booming once again. Bars and brothels are emerging. Let's not forget the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders dancing up a storm in Kandahar.

This war on terror has become a mission of indoctrination – America's propagation of its fun, drinks and sex. So this is the freedom Bush is talking about.

Why am I not surprised that the so-called freedom has come with looting, murder, old warlords, gambling, prostitution and alcoholism? Of course that doesn't matter, just drop a couple of bombs and buns, fire some bullets and biscuits and everything will be okay.

They're in Afghanistan to stay. This is America's way. Why am I not surprised?

Tanhar Khan

Science I

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