Volume 95, Issue 57

Tuesday, January 15, 2002
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Eric Fortin goes looking for action

What do you do with a dying horse?

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Eric Fortin goes looking for action

Re: "Baxter and Rafiq survive crucial vote," Jan. 10

To the Editor:

The legitimacy of the Social Science Students' Council has been called into question, not by motions of impeachment, not by a damaged reputation, but by the mismanagement, poor leadership and continued inaction precipitating both.

Why are so many concerned more with preserving what's left of the SSSC reputation rather than the remediation of the crises plaguing council?

Action is needed to restore the legitimacy and reputation of the SSSC. I chose to raise motions of impeachment after much thought and as a last resort.

Regular council avenues have been wholly ineffective because of a lack of information and reasonable commitment to get it.

I sought from my executive the information I needed to do my job, information was their responsibility to have or to immediately procure. The information process is yet unfinished. Indeed, Owais Rafiq has not even been able to procure complete SSSC banking records.

The nearest thing we have seen to a budget was passed Wednesday out of necessity, not support – an approved budget is a prerequisite of University Students' Council aid. Recall also that the constitution requires a budgetary presentation by Oct. 1 each year.

The Levy Committee has yet to meet to begin a scrutinizing process that should have begun as soon as requests were received. All of this demonstrates a supreme lack of commitment to the social science students and the SSSC. Further, I have been deeply disturbed by the lack of respect for and adherence to the constitution.

I do not deny that many SSSC councillors have done much work and had much success in their endeavours this year. But our successes do not reconcile our failures to the point that we need neither take responsibility nor responsible mitigating action.

My resolve is unchanged: I'll continue to represent my constituents and do what is right by seeing this through.

Eric Fortin

Politics III

SSSC Councillor

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