Volume 95, Issue 58

Wednesday, January 16, 2002
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The poor taste store called, they're all out of you

Politics - a la Jimmy Osap

The poor taste store called, they're all out of you

Re: "Publication Notice," Dec. 5

To the Editor:

As a regular reader of The Gazette, I was appalled when I came across what can only be taken as the seasons greetings of The Gazette staff for the students – "happy fucking holidays."

Knowing that The Gazette is a liberal student paper, I am used to a wide variety of subject matter, from pornography to how to roll a joint. But I would like to bring to the attention of the staff the large number of religious and non-religious groups that would be offended by this comment.

As the most celebrated holiday in this country, the December holidays offer for some a time to spend with family and friends. For others, it is a deeply religious time, especially to those of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths.

I acknowledge The Gazette's attempt at humour, or commentary, or whatever the need was for printing that comment. Perhaps you didn't think it would be taken to heart.

Perhaps it was written on a whim, without much thought given to its implications.

Whatever the case, students such as myself would appreciate it if more thought were put into future commentaries such as the one in question, so that reading The Gazette may continue to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, not just for those who enjoy that type of humour.

Carinna Pellett

Music IV

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