Volume 95, Issue 59

Thursday, January 17, 2002
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Halting the creation of a deregulation nation

Democracy in Afghanistan brings prosperity and peace?

Democracy in Afghanistan brings prosperity and peace?

Re: "Brothels, fun, liquor, sex, buns, Bush," Jan. 15.

To the Editor:

Tanhar Kahn asserts this war aims to "dictate democracy." If that is true, a favour is being done for the people of Afghanistan.

We live in a democracy and I think our government has been – by world standards – successful in maintaining both our freedom and our prosperity.

Importing democracy to Germany and Japan following World War II made those nations rich and peaceful and we should hope the same occurs in Afghanistan.

Moreover, Kahn claims the "war on terrorism has become a mission of indoctrination," asserting the United States seeks to promote "fun, drinks and sex."

Although I enjoy "fun, drinks, and sex," as I suspect many of those reading this paper do, it seems altogether ridiculous to suggest that the U.S. seeks to impose its cultural norms upon Afghanistan.

If this were the goal of the U.S., would the American government not have its military occupy Afghanistan to impose "gambling, prostitution and alcoholism?"

Furthermore, America maintains a friendly and profitable relationship with the government of Saudi Arabia, despite having a similar social agenda to the Taliban.

If the aim of American policy was to promote American culture, the events of last September would not have been required to precipitate the military action that followed.

If Kahn does not like drinking, watching American movies or having sex, then he is perfectly free not to do it – his distaste for those activities does not give him or anyone else the right to compel others to adopt his moral vision.

Likewise, should the people of Afghanistan choose to use their new freedoms by drinking, gambling or having sex, that is their choice and should not be the concern or decision of the Taliban, U.S. President George Bush or indeed Kahn.

James N. Redmond

Electrical Engineering III

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