Volume 95, Issue 59
Thursday, January 17, 2002
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Injured soph to sue USC
Court battle may be imminent

A Western student injured in a Shinerama Day accident intends to take legal action against the University Students' Council and Western for their roles in planning and organizing the Orientation Week event.

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"W" calendars head stateside
Pensive men, pouty girls for sale in U.S.

Western's "W"-girls and "W"-boys are headed South in hopes of raising even more money for charity.

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Smoke-free campus?

The Wave and The Spoke could become smoke-free as soon as next month if the Middlesex-London Health Unit's enforcement recommendation is approved by London city council.

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Troubled council vows to reunite and rebuild

Despite the Social Science Students' Council's current state of disarray, some feel there is still time for the council to get back on track.

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©Lauren Starr/Gazette
CLEANING UP AFTER OTHER PEOPLE'S BUTTS ISN'T AS GLAMOUROUS AS IT SOUNDS. Bartender Paul Grey goes about his daily routine emptying ashtrays as part of the rollercoaster ride of fun that is his job.


Debate over embryonic stem cell research rages on

Though its potential benefits seem well-suited to the land of science fiction, embryonic stem cell research has been the subject of rigorous debate over the last 12 months.

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Minor stumble - no real trouble

There was no trash talking or chest thumping, but the Western men's volleyball team did some serious taunting in their match against Guelph Tuesday night.

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